Tuesday, January 23, 2007

no mama, no shot left at mcdonalds.

Ruth, our intrepid roving reporter braved rush-hour in a taxi to bring us this:


Priya said...

McDee is the root of all the worlds evils.
And it starts with the heavies that are humiliated to sit at the back...then to the Middle East and issues within the UN.

M Junaid said...

Mcdonalds is a scapegoat i tell you- blame parents for the 'obese gene'
stop stocking the pantry fatties!

SingleGuy said...

I dunno if those mama's got that way from Mcdonald's...

But on the topic of Macdonalds...we had a christmas party for all our kids, and some entertainment and food was sponsored by mIckey-D's. You know that jingle that goes.."ba rampapapaaa...I'm loving it"? The damn Ronald Mcdonald clown sang it every time he did a magic trick.

How's that for subliminal messaging?

China had almost no obese children 15 years ago. Mcdonald came to china in 1990. Today 10% of chinese children are obese, and the number grows by 8% every year.

That said....they Quarter Pounder Deluxe Rocks

The K-man said...

HAHA hillarious. Butyou wont find happier people than fat Mamas, they are so content. Also in mosy African cultures the women are considered more desirable if they are infact fat. Being skinny is frowned upon.

On the obese gene note, there is alot of research pointing to obesity being genetic. Hormones such leptin and ghrelin actually increase appetite. So a gene that increases the amount of these hormones can cause obesity. Now ofcourse some people just eat alot but there is a case for genetics.

Zahera said...

McDonalds?? *gag gag* i hate it.

mazozo said...

LOl another jab at the colussus that is Mac Donalds fight on hehe i bet you those mama's could throw a punch or two at mac officils imagine the clout with all that weight behind it

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