Friday, April 20, 2007

I didn't break it!


I'm annoyed.
At Facebook.
No, its not the random poking. I quite like getting poked. Sometimes, I even poke back.
But that's a whole other blog.
I'm annoyed at Facebook for passing a groundless diagnosis about the state of my ticker.
If you're Facebooked - here's an exercise. Fiddle around with your relationship status on the edit profile page. Switch from 'single' to 'in a relationship' and back.
Pay careful attention to the little icon that appears next to your profile news-feed item.
If you're listed as single, the little heart goes achey-breaky.
Remove your single status for whatever reason, and suddenly, miraculously, Facebook channels the power of whatever Holy Spirit to 'heal' your shattered vital organ.
WTF is that? This warped normative construct of emotional balance, that if you're not with someone, you're obviously damaged.


Muhammad said...

I agree... It's too Simple. Life;s not like that and even though facebook is the best social netowrking tool I seen so far, some aspects are irritating. It seems to just "assume" certain things if little details are changed.

For example, what if the person suddenly decides NOT to put a relationship status...

Anyway... my advice is you shouldn't let some web software irk you... even though it has social implications, those can be handled and those who actually do give a crap about you know the truth anyway.

so there.

Fuck facebook.

Fatima said...

lol...these are the reasons why i didn't put my status there :P
stupid facebook.

Sofi said...

thats a stupid presumption. like us singletons arent happy and content at singlehood. grrr.

btw, on another tangent here....whats facebook about??

saaleha said...

on tangent - facebook is an online social networking tool, with a concept similar to myspace, hi5, ringo etc.

the guy who writes this crap said...

"warped normative construct of emotional balance"?!
tsk, tsk, tsk, saaleha. so much anger.

why can't you just use expletives like everyone else?


Dew said...

How idiotic. Life is not defined by the status of our personal relationships. Grrr...that makes me so mad. How audaciously presumptious!

(ooh, Saal, when I read your blog, I start using big words, if I only I could learn how to spell them).

Priya said...

as if being single means broken hearted! what if you wanted to leave the bloke and are as happy as hell?! oh very annoying indeed!

FU said...

so apparently facebook is used by the US govt to spy on us...

i could really care less.

single ppl are the best.

ps - u never poked me :(

Delon said...

I read something about a poke?

Expensive Mistakes and Cheap Thrills said...

i agree - being single doesn't mean you're broken-hearted..

sometimes it's just simpler to be that way..

and putting your status as 'single' on things like myspace and facebooks just gives the freaks more incentive to stalk you and send you weird messages...

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