Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Just for tricks

A little game to play on those days when your triplo espresso isn't quite cutting it and other homo-sapiens suddenly look like they'd make a good first course (with lemon-pepper marinade and an accompaniment of fava beans).

When asked - "That's so unusual. What does your name mean?" - respond with random combinations of subject, verb, object. Your statements do not need to follow through logically. In fact, logic is besides the point.

In practice:
you - "Oh my name? Well, in [insert vernacular here] it means..."

possible responses -

"She who walks with the ducks"
"She who farts in the dark"
"She who is praised by the monkey-people"
"She who flies with the ants"
"She who is revered by those who revere the ones who are revered."
"She who is what she is when she's not something else"
"She who will hail the Annanuki" [queen_Lestat edit - annUnAki]


happy day.


Muhammad said...

"she who blogs on a whim.
"She who is hungover on fermented peas and cauliflower"

oh foggit. you're nuts. welcome to the clubbb.


queen_Lestat said...

it's annUnAki btw

saaleha said...



Fatima said...

She who is loved by trees. Trees are Saaleha-huggers.


Lame, I know. But it's post-exam stress atm and brain is not it's usual self

qdee said...

she who is hailed as hippy princess by pigmies ;)

queen_Lestat said...

thanks :P

I heart my sumerian/assyrian/babylonian/
mesopotamian/egyptians yadayada

Priya said...

oooooohhhh i love the meanings of your name

me said...

how about 'she who flogs those with pesky questions?'

!Joe! said...

ooh, native north american names are lovely! :D
mine are:
"she who is slow"
"she who rides the white stallion up the Appalachians in morning mist"
i used to be called "she who falls down aisle at weddings" but then i stopped going for weddings.
how about "she who gives off mystery in photos" for you?:) i wish someone would call me "she who makes cakes, paper cranes and maaf" cos that's all i do, in summary :)

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