Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Tuesday tchotchkes

- Getting the mobile and macbook acquainted. Involved some power-googling, breaking out the blue-teeth and a bit of gentle persuasion in the form of scripting but it's obvious to anyone who'll see, they are soul-mates.

- Sky-tripping, road-running, contiki yippie ka yay. The Munshi's and I will bring a lil mzansi into the european equation, come June 25. Details to follow as soon as that pesky schengen gets sorted.

- Crazy housemate got evicted. No, seriously, ta-na-nas, as in medically certified (that, and 'They' were out to get her). Too much manic paranoia and there were whispers she'd been stealing the cheese. Big misunderstanding since I was the thieving so and so. That fact aside, some arcane incident involving tupperware and fruit juice proved to be the proverbials that led to a massive showdown in the communal lounge. I kinda miss her though. I didn't mind her exploding teabags in the microwave and she had that endearing quality of batty that made me feel like I wasn't alone in the world.

- Kewl words I'm looping until they just sound stupid - kaizen, ukase, argot.


Fatima said...

Point 1: I r jealous of new macbook owner! :P Apple r for shexshy ppl and Saaleha is shexshy! :P

I mean it!

Point 2: Take me with? Please? I'll fit in your bag...promise!

Have fun and take a lot of pictures and blog them all!

Point 3: I remember the days of roomies. It can get crazy. (Did my idea of a "community chest" pan out?)

Muhammad said...

w00t! thats l33t spe4k for ppl wh0 t0t4lly 0wn! 544L3H4 0wn5!

Hit me back for translation. I'm jealous of macbook and europe.. grrr. bring souvenirs and pictures.

and advice once again... Don't Sleep!


Major_chip_hazard said...

Sheesh mac freaks,I needs to find an easy bank to rob.Had a Mac,sold it,time for upgrade!Yoh exploding teabags that should work with breaking the safe of the bank.Great idea...

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