Sunday, September 09, 2007

testosterone soap opera

It was that of every great narrative, there-in the dichotomies of human experience; good and evil, light and dark, adversity and triumph.

Stories where they threaded; protagonists on the precipice, the victorious who rise from the ashes of their seeming defeat, the underdog, the powerful and arrogant, brothers in arms.
All of whom were smacked by those moments of utter futility, where even the brief marriage of hand on hand could mean the difference between pride and its death, where to grasp the tensile rope for support is to turn the battle on its flank.

This is where gods are made and leveled.

There was the bitterness of being close enough to take Victory by her shoulder, only to have no witness of referee to your triumph. But as it is in the Great Plot that guides this through, Good will always prevail.
It is with every tale that there are those who are loved beyond fallibility and those who incite the fevered choirs of "You Suck! You Suck!" when they dare to displace heroes.
And as it is with all the stories of our times, there will always be the ebullient adulation of one or a mass who will erupt in the greatness of the moment when the right man holds up the leather and gold, for all to witness, "I am a champion!"


ZK said...

lol you def seriously enjoyed the soap opera lol

M Junaid said...

mj molested former wwe superstar Ahmed Jonson behind the public toilets at Westridge Stadium in 1997. True story That (G)

The K-man said...

MJ: wasnt it Ahmad Johnson? the man who had garage doors for nostrils?

So jealous you went i didnt get a chance to get tickets. :(

Muhammad said...

Testosterone. There's nothing more manly than beating the shit out of someone and making menacing monologues to no-one in particular... for a belt.

It's a brains vs. brawn standoff between the players and the audience. But that's why we like it so much :)


Priya said...

your SO made you go, right?

the guy who writes this crap said...

it's wrestling. it's supposed to be described with grunts and snorts and single-syllable xpletives. why'd you go and ruin it with your flowery prose, saaleha? WHY?!

Fatima said... dad loves watching this stuff and so did my late grandfather.
he would turn it up so loud, since he was losing his hearing and then he would crack up.

my cousins do comparisons of wrestlers and who are the better performers.

the guy who writes this crap said...

what's so funny, fatima? huh? what's so funny? this is a serious sport, ok! show some respect. gosh!

saaleha. bamjee. said...

this is how i saw it - scripted battle.
fun to watch though, if you don't take it too seriously.
yes Priya, tagged along with the SO :)

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