Wednesday, September 26, 2007

the i-do to-do list

1. de-gelatine mindset.
2. un-selfish the markers of only-child syndrome.
3. manage time to time manage.
4. balance gaga with pragmatics.
5. re-discover my strengths.
6. acknowledge my short-comings.
7. re-look organised chaos (it's not going to be just my world any longer)


Sofi said...

in other words are congrats in order?

SingleGuy said... sure seems like it...??

Fatima said...

i have something of the same.
lol but i'm not brave enough to blog it!

i do need to become reorganised and...
learn how to speak before thinking...coz sometimes my mouth just goes on without realising it's making an idiot of the rest of myself....and it's always completely innocent..but i land myself in trouble without realising

Priya said...

oh bollocks...why do we have to grow up?!

the guy who writes this crap said...

and "i-do to do list"?! sheesh! there as only one thing on my i-do to "do" list *blush*

Anyways...another couple of items for your list:
*husbands need cupboard space too
*dudes know cars. if he wants to buy one that's not made of metal and sez it's safe, then let him, k?

(please, please, PLEASE give him some cupboard space!)

Muhammad said...

you forgot to memorise the wife stereotypes and steer clear.. then again, it's probably hardcoded.

I can tell you that marriage is one crazy rollercoaster.. the trick is not to get off, the fun part's always around the corner! :P


Dreamlife said...

and so the "some day i should..." list must now get moving.

we'll never get better motivation than that, will we?

Rolando said...

You also forgot to list, put mouse trap in stretchy black pants. :)

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