Tuesday, October 09, 2007

more ire (this could be a regular feature)

Last night may truly have been the "The Night of Power", for a pair of black pants that went deep underground about two months ago, suddenly resurfaced in the fresh laundry pile.
A miracle certainly, for repeated questioning of the house-mates drew blank stares reminiscent of Foetal Alcohol Syndrome.

Hence it was with great surprise that I pulled the pants in dubious question out of a pile of clothes that had been freshly washed. This implied to me, by no great leap of logical reason, that the pants must've been worn in order for them to have ended up there. Yes? It maketh sense no?

So who's been wearing my pants? The stretchy one with a centre seam down each leg, in a size that accomodates my somewhat healthy and strapping form? When all of the housemates, myself excluded, seem to be blessed with skinny genes, zooped-up metabolism and limited appetites, which compos mentis would deliberately wear a pair of trousers that is clearly identifiable as someone else's by the very virtue of its size?

I'm baffled.
It is by no means a spectacular pair of black pants. Versatile yes, unassuming and practical, but these are attributes that lend themselves to be definitives for any pair of black pants.

Again, why?

Why would you take someone else's pants without their permission and wear them when they aren't even in your fucking size?


Sofi said...

perhaps there is (albeit with a questionable logic) another explanation which doesnt involve someone else having worn it?

maybe someone found it accidentally placed in their pile of clothes/wardrobe and as they were gathering clothes to wash, noticed a foreign item and decided to chuck it in too?

(yes, i usually send items to the wash that i find in my posession - its easier than finding out who's it is.)

saaleha. bamjee. said...

Agreed Sofi.
My problem with that, however, is if that were the case, they would've turned up in the washing much earlier.Usual practice is that if you accidentally take an item of clothing that's not yours, its returned to the pile.
These were freshly washed, still a little damp, as we've been having lots of rain recently.
And i've found with personal experience that there are two opportunities to determine if an item is yours - firstly on sorting clothes out from the pile and secondly, when one proceeds to pack them in the cupboard.
Also, I've been asking about my pants for ages.

Sofi said...

show your housemates this blog and hopefully they will comment and comply. we can try and investigate who's guilty.

i like playing detective sigh..im in the wrong profession.

ZK said...

you know what i will tell you but i will refrain from naming names...
but i suggest you and i and whoever else is missing clothing items go through a few of the nutters rooms...
albeit some tension may exist at a later stage i rather have my clothes NOW and only worn by me...
predicament...o well i'm in a bitchy mood and i will have there heads...served on a golden platter :P
o and can you believe they asked me at 11 (something) to move my car i refused :D

aksn1p3r said...

I also love a good detective story to be pounced on before any untruthful explanations rear, rather selfish thinking but not when it comes to MY possessions!

If its not where I put it... I wonder where it is
"Don't touch MY freaking stuff!", unless u asked first and I agreed.

If you're truly a normal human, you will have noticed gestures of those who don't need to ask to have their way... you'd just get a feeling of exploitation when they're around.

It's sometimes hard to be sharing, when people don't know when to stop swooping down on ur resources... Some people, who are so materialistic, actually write their names down on their precious food items! Common sense will tell you not to go fiddle and meddle with others' properties (like an immature person would). Rather address the person's opinion on the matter before acting on your own meritoriousness.

Do you guys talk openly about boarding life and its negatives? Or do u just try to be all smiles at the others. Faking is hard for me, id talk shit to the person who took my items, and I'd ask everyone in the room at once, the one with no alibi is my prime suspect!

I think a general meeting is in order... with minutes taken up and posted in the entrance for all to love. Formality keeps the tempers down and analyzes the exact data surrounding the matter, instead of blaming, cursing, hating, etc.

Conspiracy theory, seeing as its the web. Liars and deceivers are not meant to be in society! Individuals need to be more cautious as they don't know what the other's might be thinking, i think the latter learn it from tv and try to be supermediawhore in their mind and literally behind ur back!

Room-mates aside, when I was staying in Durban, a lady was almost ready for a date but she needed my nani to lend her a panty. Now thats the limit! At least she asked.

I hope the person reads this and comments with an open apology, and if they don't comment, i hope the words cleanse their mind on this auspicious day/night/month.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they went to where the socks go. You know that island... and then they got bored, so they came back!

SingleGuy said...

I agree with Sofi.....you assume the trousers we worn....

btw...besides you and zk....how many others live in this ungodly place?, this kibbuts for media professionals.

I was thinking about the socks comment....I don't think they go to the island.....I reckon the washing machine is like CAGE-Fighting for socks.....TWO go in....but only one comes out!

Ta^KiLLa said...

LoL.. If this were in a movie,blame the black person..

But seriously, maye someone else found comfort in em pants, or even more seriously someone wanted to wear the pants in the house..

LoL.. So how many of u are sharing..

saaleha. bamjee. said...

All you diabolic advocates, putting a damper on my ire;)

We're 9 people in total. Not all are media professionals SG, it's a trail-mix of students and people in other professions.

Fatima said...

If someone had worn the pants wouldn't you have noticed?

That's just plain rude - to wear someone else's pants without asking.

This brings up a cringe-worthy memory of my own in my boarding days.
Where, in a zonked state of mind (it was 2am ok!), i mixed up my black jeans with light clothes.
The housemates were not pleased.
But we made up. Woot.

Perhaps they got confused and thought that the pants were theirs? And realised one day, "you know what? this is not my pants!"

The Isle of Missing Pants.
Just like the socks.
I love that idea. Lol

Rolando said...

It wasn't me that's for sure. I don't even like the stretchy kind :) j/k

r said...

i confess! it was me saals. Im sorry ok! They were all pretty and comfortable and worn in and made my legs look like elle macpherson's in her heyday..

isheeta said...

You should be a poet, Saaleha!

Only you can make something like "the case of missing pants" as exciting as poetry and gives someone goosebumps!

Muhammad said...

same shit happens with my jeans... I'm convinced it's a wormhole in the washing machine.

Clothes randomly travel to distant galxies and parallel universes to be worn by peole my size who are adored in their respective contexts and make the clothes feel good about themselves, then, after a while, after having their fill... they return to me in the wash... satisfied.

queen_Lestat said...

That's nothing! I know a chick who steals her own clothes back from her maid, cos her mother won't fire the thief. She actually tells the maid to do something in some obscure part of the house and then goes to the maid's room and goes krapping through her stuff until she finds her jeans/skirt/top etc and then takes it back in.

mebbe you've got a phantom klepto. Ask my celebrity commentator you're familiar with (Cobain) to give you the low down on commune kleptos. He's adept at identifying them by the crazy gleam they have...

Major_chip_hazard said...

It's always the person you least suspect,that very person that know's you wouldnt suspect them of doing something like this,so they go ahead and do this suspicious act!!hmmmmm....I sound like Cpt jack Sparrow

Priya said...

keep an eye on those black undies then...the "borrower" may have a fetish for black, you know

Saaleha said...

amid all the vanishing clothes theories, everyone forgot to tell you...
itching powder!
i was going to say 'anger management' but this is better

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