Monday, October 08, 2007

The Intermittent Ire

What is it with fasting muslim people who get a kick out of forwarding emails with pictures of food as attachments under misleading subject headers, to other fasting muslim people?


Fatima said...

ditto that!
i'm glad someone thinks like me!


aksn1p3r said...

Kisama! Baka! I seen ppl's facebook wall, dam its flooded with those evolved food-pics and redundantly at that.

Forwarders are the worst kind of internet users. Unilateral & caffeinated workstation users who feel accomplished at pleasing the ever-enthusiastic recipient with their gargantuan "TO:" lists and unprecedented forwarding skills. The content, even if its 10years old, IS FUCKING FRESH! *sarc'd*

I guess drones are just what they are... stupid bee's that dance in the figure 8 :D

Next time reply and ask them if they want some electric spaghetti :D

Muhammad said...

It's meant as a simpleton joke. People with better things to do just don't get it.

Eish... last day is the hungriest.


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