Saturday, March 15, 2008

just hours from forever

At 6pm today, my world changes its orbit.
And I'm ready for it.

A grand prize of a bottle of fennel sweets wrapped in not-so-ghagha goldish organza will be dispatched to the first person to spot 5g33k's initial in the henna pattern.


::: SPEEDY ::: said...

left hand ..... where the thumb joins the palm

r said...

i can't see it. But im reading this from my phone. Congratulations saals! Officially saaleha.bamjee.hyphen._____. may the love, respect and happiness only grow from here :)

Anonymous said...

wheres da piccies!? Sorry but i'm eager! i want to see you with some1 else so i can sink into depression, knowing i was a failure and wuss and will never get a girl like u :( may you have a long and happy life together. Ameen

Fatima said...

i saw it i saw it i saw it!
(although i cheated and asked you to show me....I STILL SAW IT! :P)

ms bamjee-..... may you have lots of barakat, happiness, understanding, patience, love, respect towards one another.
inshallah ameen!!

it was a beautiful wedding and i was so honoured that i was invited to it :) thank you :)

M Junaid said...

Cheers, wishes and awkward coughing in the loo

ZK said...

Mrs Gorgeous ;)
May you have a wonderful life filled with laughter that resounded on your wedding night after your little escapades *giggles*wink*wink*


miss you

lots of love, happiness, children and laughter follow you...
Inshallah Ameen

Blue Sunflower said...


May the two of you always find love, understanding and respect.

All the best...

Dreamlife said...

Congratulations, and welcome to the club :)

May Allah bless, guide and protect the 2 of you; and make all your days and nights of service to Him...u know, the potential for ibadah just increases so much when u marry - really amazing :)

we're nearly 5 months in now, and it truly is amazing to be as settled as we are. like, once you're past the initial stages of getting totally comfy with each other, and settling in to your new home and new's just incredible. a dream come true, every single day, alhamdullilah :)

keep your Creator at the centre of your life, and nurture that relationship by striving - together - in your deen. the benefits are not only for yourselves, but your future family too, this life and the next.

all the best to you :)

Expensive Mistakes and Cheap Thrills said...


that is too amazing for words.

didn't find the initial.

just stared for about half an hour.

Prixie said...

may you always be happy as I saw you at the wedding. damn girl, you were glowing! absolutely beautiful!

arg! did not find his name. :(

Sofi said...

i'm posting here as this is one of the few posts youve written that i actually understand! too much gh33kin355 i reckon ;)

may you have a long happly life together :)

upload some pics on FB please!

queen_Lestat said...


Congrats to you and the reluctant-geek. Two of my favourite onliners :) hope you guys have a really blessed and wonderful life together...

This calls for some celebrations on The Chronicles...I know just the gift :)

Priya said...

Im so happeee for you! Give naeem my regards- is he still webdesigning for autostyle? He's so cutttee :P he's all yours now! I'll just visit tata!

-=Lazylizard=- said...

Aww congrats Saals! Now we can have "he said-she said" posts ;) Saw a pic of your hubby. I'm sure you two make a lovely couple! 'Nanima' told me lots lol lotsa love gtg mwah

shireen said...

hey there! congrats to you and your new hubby! :) may allah(swt) bless you guys with an awesome life together. may he fill your lives with barakah and happiness and make all of your dreams and wishes come true! :)

dionysusstoned said...


Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS! If your naeem drives a blue audi A3 with the number plate NFM something GP may AllAH keep him faithful to you at least.Ameen

Anonymous said...

Ignore my last comment. Its thaT Time of tHe month 4 mE

'liya said...


I'm sure you made a beautiful bride and I do hope you show us a picture :D

RiazJ said...

congrats u two. May allah bless u like the rooms you and your hubby gonna bless :) get back from your honeymoon already and post the PICS!!!

bb_aisha said...

hey saals-seems i'm totally delayed. 2 weeks late :-)
i couldn't find it-albeit after just 2 minutes of looking.lovely design
here's to fantastic blog posts inspired by the glow of marriage

& yeah-we want pics!

Goolam said...

I think u better reply to EACH comment INDIVIDUALLY since each is quite 'special' in their own way :)May both of you live a happy happy long life!!!!!

Saaleha said...

May Allah bless the union with love, understandng and above all, respect.
May you each find fulfilment in one another.
mabrook :-)
Doppelgangers no more :P

Saaleha Bamjee-Mayet said...

speedy: On the button.

r: Thank you:) I think I was a little over-eager to change it. Blame it on the gagas.

anonymous: Regardless of the melodramatique, thank you for the dua.

fatima: I loved the bowl! Was very pleased that you and Z could make it, despite the awful weather.

MJ: You know, I thought it would be awkward too, but slipping into this domesticity thing aint too bad. Thanks dude:)

ZK: Miss you roomie. Lovely duas. Ameen.

Blue Sunflower: Thank you, and all the best for your own upcomings.

dreamlife: Excellent advice and missives as always. Much appreciated:)

expensive mistakes: I was amazed at the woman who did the henna design for me. Straight out of her head on the palm. Was a bitch to sleep with though, woke in the morning to flakes of dried henna crumbing the bed and my pyjamas.

prixie: Thanks again to you and Su for everything! Really going to miss you when you jet off.

Sofi: Request noted:)

Queen L: You know us too well.

Priya: prixie priya? oh well, yep, that's still his day job.

lazy lizard: Thanks. yep, we got the nanima stamp of approval. This is pure when g33k meets g33k.

shireen: Thank you. This is the waking dream:)

dionysus: For sure!

anonymous: Sure it's not that time of the day for you? Yoh, you speak of Naeem circa years ago. Let go dear. Thanks for the dua. Wanna hug?

liya: Thank you. I caught some of your wedding pics on flickr and you made a stunning bride:) Will upload soonest.

riazj: As evident, I'm certainly back. Need to get into a routine again, bloody hard! Will update, upload etc.

bb-aisha: Thank you:) The blogger-muse took a bit of a break too. Watch this space.

goolam: Your advice made manifest. Thank you and Ameen.

Saaleha: Ameen. Well, almost doppelgangers:) Congrats again on the book Author/Writer!

naqiyah said...

i saw it! i saw it!! ;) ... and welcome to the family, you're not a sister-in-law but a sister :)

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