Wednesday, April 02, 2008

and it begins...

It's quite surreal how one just slips into domesticity and all-round wifey-ness. It feels like I've been here all my life.

I'm still in that eager-to-please mode, bombarding The Other with msn missives; "Was your breakfast still warm? Were the eggs fine? Was lunch ok or did I overdo the tomato sauce? Are the leftovers from your mum fine for supper? etc etc etc".

No worries, that kak will soon end;)

I thought getting married meant suddenly acquiring an adult-mindset. I'm still playing house, and it is great fun.


RiazJ said...

So did your cherry get popped like the Aveo's? Lol

Saaleha Bamjee-Mayet said...

riazj - I think you need to have a talk with your parents about what it is that married people do:)

Sofi said...
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Sofi said...

:@rizj :O some people have no self respect or posess basic etiquettes

Sals: I hope he's doing his fair share of engaging in Temporary Honeymoon Domesticity Bliss*! :P

Nah, kidding. May you guys stay happy forever. You look gorgeous together. Mwah.

* Its a phrase i will use to describe newly weds..since i'm currently surrounded by them. Not green with envy at all. Promise..

RiazJ said...

Sofi, I was referring to an old post title Saals did in wordpress! Haha! You're brilliant Saals! Hope your hubby doesnt come looking for me!

ZK said...

it seems you were also that way before you left us ;)
i hungry and there no one anymore to tantalize my tastebuds :P

ZK said...

oooo by the by
i can cook i can cook wooohooo
who would have thought :D

Dreamlife said...

it is amazing how things just fall into place naturally. obviously we learn as we go along and get better at the 'being a husband/wife' thing - but it's like we're already programmed to be a husband or wife, and that just sits dormant for your life. and then, once you get married, it just kicks in, and you're up an away.

hope the adjustments go well, and that even once you're past the 'bombarding' stage, you still keep up the concern about that...because, you should know, food is important to a guy.

i didn't think it was so big a deal, but now that i'm being spoilt, i realise it is....

no pressure, just a tip ;)

Ta^KiLLa said...

LoL @ RiazJ..

So Salz.. Hows it to be "domesticated" as such.. I bet its another kind of feeling..

Zk - U can cook.. LOL

ZK said...

mmm yah i can :) just about lol

Fatima said...

It's definitely like playing house :)
The adult mindset is boring :)

enjoy this post honeymoon period - 2mths later i still am!

'liya said...

I agree with fatima to enjoy - I'm still playing house too! - it's fun :D

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