Tuesday, June 03, 2008

when good bloggers go Mac...

Your mother may have warned you about sudden blindness and hair-growth on your palms, but for the first time, I present you with the effects of excessive blogging:

When we're not winning Miss Congeniality contests, we also like to go a bit pop-art:

But we're really just a couple of normal freaks.

Thanks to Concerned MJ and the Ever-Great Waseem for a grand Saturday spent mall-ratting. Honourable mentions to Mak and Jauhara for dropping by. I hope to meet up with the rest of you KZN-lot the next time I'm tripping down.

I'd blog about the annual Autostyle Motorshow, but as was twittered, I'm all doof-doofed out. How some people can spend bazillions on car sound for three seconds of brain-liquidising bass-pumping is just beyond me.

However if y'all into the vroom-vroom, the husband did take lots of pretty pictures. He'll have them up on the site (www.autostyle.co.za) faster than you can say tyre-naaier.


Fatima said...

Lol brilliant!
Doesn't MJ have "soft 'n free-naturally me" hair?
Lol! :)

Dew_drops said...


Muhammad said...

aww man... how'd I miss that :P great chatting on saturday! Next time come on a weekend when I don't have an Exam!!! btw I rocked 94% :)

The pictures rock!

Nafisa said...

Lol, looks like you guys had loads of fun.. love the stretchy pic.

Waseem said...

Was great meeting up, one of the most memorable of blog meetings despite the lack of personnel, maybe it was for the better.

The pop art pic is the best, my 2nd favorite is the thermal one.

KimyaShafinaaz said...

these pics are phenomenal!!!

another reminder that i missed out :P

u look great, gurlie!

Ta^KiLLa said...

Was it not you that said the best thing ever that happened to Durban... Was the N3 North (back to jhb)..

Thanks for the comments and advise..

I'll listen next tym :P



Naqiyah said...

you said it!! u said that horrible horrible word!! :) i think that kind of makes us that horrible word doesnt it? ... ;)

bb_aisha said...

my cousin & her husband run the Autostyle by Gateway. It baffles me too how ppl can get so excited about sound & tweeters & doofers & pimping their ride. or maybe i can...

cool pics

Saaleha Bamjee-Mayet said...

@Fatima - He's a natural for the GHD campaign.
@Dew - Hope we get to meet up at the next one.
@Muhammad - excellent, man! What happened to the other 6 percent? ;)
@Nafisa - there's a mac store in Sandton too, we can do our stretchy pics there on Saturday.
@Waseem - Was fab dude! You guys are fun to shop with.
@Kimya - When are you back in Jozi?
@Takilla - I wish I'd figured it out sooner. Hey, I did not say what you've attributed to me, some of my best friends are from the coast;)
@Naqiyah - hahaha. Yes dear. I think we're more like groupies.
@BB - More evidence of the atom-world phenom, had no idea Tasneem was related to you. Their little Yusuf is such a sharp kid!

Saaleha Bamjee-Mayet said...

The above comment just read like a bad case of twitteritis.

M Junaid said...

It was a lot of fun. I think people who ghd their hair all the time are crazy. Rather do what i did- the salon people put a relaxer thing some time ago. I haven't touched a hair iron this entire year.

I persuaded the great one to join me for the crocodile movie. I liked it.

We never had nachos though. Hmmm. Although after we left you we went to edgars and mcdonalds. I love the pop art pic. Doesn't waseem look sinister in that one?

Mohamed Karolia said...

lol@the first picture. Brilliant! I got to make a plan to head down to durbs.

Prixie said...

i like the 1st pic the best ;p

Expensive Mistakes and Cheap Thrills said...

cool pics.

enjoying catching up, haven't had internet for a while.

feels good to blog again, was starting to get anxious without my fix!

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