Saturday, September 20, 2008


My husband's handiwork. He's a big South Park fan. 

The term 'recall' makes me think of defective seatbelts or leadpainted alphabet blocks. 

We are living in interesting times.


The Organ Harvester said...

For once i'm gonna agree with the DA. The ANC screwed up. And we know JZ is not running things. Moral of the story? Be careful who you screw over.

KimyaShafinaaz said...

aah, the great chinese curse is upon us! interesting times, indeed!

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure what this is going to mean going forward. They (president's office) talk about mass action. People have responded saying it isn't right! Why can Zuma's people do it, and the rest of the country not? Aasia

KiLLa said...

I remember 'recallin' a mail i once sent to the wrong person..

ya well.. another step closer to Mugabeism

"in BOB we trust"

Fatima said...

Selfish ANC.
Tsk tsk.

However there are a few bright sparks in the NEC, so hopefully not all is lost.

It's not, "You're Fired" or "You're Dismissed"...rather, "You're Recalled!"

desert demons said...

lolol @ poster, however Thabo has risen in my books in the manner with which he dealt with the sleazy American politics South Africa has resorted to. In the minds of next years voters we will have to trust!

Mini said...

I must admit I admire how graceful Mbeki is,even in defeat.....

I mean he just got f@#kd over by his peers aka "COMRADES"( i just hate how "they" over use the term seeing that freedom has arrived).

What worries me though, is how little the DIE HARD Zuma fans know about him yet will do anything for him(Please could a fan elaborate).Afterall what we get is that Zuma gives the attentive ear.What else I ask??????

I am niether anti nor pro Zuma,just fail to see the reason for his popularity???????


r said...

from bad to worse i say. And im not usually a negative person. I just fail to see a productive and successful South Africa under JZ rule (no matter how rose-tinted my glasses may be)

Prixie said...

my worry frowns on my forehead deepen...eish

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