Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I'm thinking an early release in time for the IIFAs

Bollywood ain't big enough for me yaar.
Aasia put me on to this gem of a site.



M Junaid said...

:) this is just awesome. Bollywood here we come.

This reminds me of those old pirated dvds with some kid from south korea doing the subtitles.

and the best thing about is that your word verification says 'touche' :)

Aasia said...

lol - sals I enjoy making the movies there :)

Have fun, no doubt, you will make the funniest ones there

Word veri gluming

is that gloomy slumming or and as in I am glum, therefore the glumming look on my face says it all?

Anonymous said...

rofl...this is evil.
i am so doing this when i have more mb's on my 3g card!

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